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Planet Venus impact in Sign Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius - A Positive House of Saturn: This position gives many friends and acquaintances, some wealthier than the native, and financial benefit from some of them. Many friends among the opposite sex. It brings about many and remarkable love affairs, difference in age, and probably trouble in connection therewith, also danger of intrigues, and sometimes marriage towards middle life or old age. 

Occult affairs or matters signified by Uranus will play some part in the love or marriage, and strange and unexpected events will occur, a love affair may be suddenly entered upon or suddenly broken off, or there may be union without marriage, or a platonic marriage. 

This position of Venus gives ability for music, poetry or painting, and love of the beautiful. There will be a fondness for pleasure and social life, and the native is likely to join any society or association for pleasure or profit. 

The position favors money through partnership, association with others, companies, societies, firms, and to some extent through investments or banking. It is good for gaining money by public enterprises and by occupations that bring the native before the multitude, and by the assistance of friends and associates. It gives some intuition and predisposes to the cultivation of mind.

Dr. A. Shanker


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