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Planet Venus in Sagittarius - Impacts and Nature!

Planet Venus in Sagittarius - A Positive House of Jupiter
: Strengthens the imagination and sense of the romantic and beautiful. In a very refined nature will give much love of beauty in poetry, painting, music, etc.; also the inclination to religion of an elevated or mystical nature, much intuition, and love of all things noble, beautiful, good and harmonious.

In a less highly developed individual these idealistic tendencies will probably show out in a highly susceptible love nature. The native will marry amongst his own kin, or else someone from a considerable distance, probably a foreigner. The native will be attracted to more than one of the opposite sex, and may prove fickle in his affections.

Money will be earned by the Sagittarius occupations; religion, the church, the higher kinds of literary and intellectual work, and those involving the higher faculties of the mind; also those connected with the animal side of the sign, horses, shipping, voyaging, travelling, athletics.  Money may be gained from two different sources at the same time. This position favours travelling and voyaging, especially for pleasure. It slightly favours money by legacy or partnership and inclines to more than one marriage of serious love-affair.  

Dr. A. Shanker

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