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Planet Venus impact in Virgo and sign Libra!

Planet Venus in Vigro - A Negative House of Mercury:
 This causes delay or disappointment in love, partnership or marriage. The native may marry one in a different station of life from his own, probably lower. Native gains money through servants or subordinates, or by himself occupying such a position; also through occupations of the earthy element and those connected with medicine, drugs, food, nursing, farming, or gardening. This position contributes to sustain the health, and gives a good digestion and appetite.

Planet Venus impact in Libra
A Positive House of Venus

This strengthens the better part of the Venus-element in the nature. It increases sympathy and kindliness of manner; contributes to sociability and popularity, and gives love of poetry, music or the fine arts. is favorable for friendship, love and marriage. The native earns money through things signified by Venus, and benefits under the direction of another, or in association with another, whether as friend, partner or superior. Money by marriage is likely.

Dr. A. Shanker

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