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Planet Venus impact in sign Leo!

Planet Venus in Leo - House of the Sun: Kind-hearted; the affections and sympathies are easily moved, while the love is ardent and constant, and very set on its object. Marriage is likely to be a love match, and the attraction "love at first sign." The native is popular and is fond of society, company, friends, show, gaiety, pleasures and amusements of all sorts; it is difficult for native to live alone, or a retired life; native must mix with the world and enjoy the company of others. He/She will attract the attention of his/her superiors or those in higher ranks of life, and benefit through them socially and pecuniarily. The position may exist with considerable talent or genius for something signified by Venus - poetry, painting, music, the drama, etc. 

The native gains money, either by speculation, or some occupation connected with the young. Marriage and the birth and prosperity of children are indicated.

Dr. A. Shanker

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