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Planet Venus in Sign Scorpio!

Planet Venus in Scorpio - A Negative House of Mars:
This increases the passions, emotions, and appetites of the body and gives love of luxury, pleasure and sensation. The native is ardent in love and passionate in the affections. It sometimes gives undue freedom or forwardness of manner in men, and a lack of restraint and modesty in women, and may weaken the moral sense in matters of sex. These results need not follow if the horoscope is otherwise good. Much depends upon the rising sign. The native will be attracted to the opposite sex, and is sure to  be unfortunate through them, more or less.

There will be trouble of some kind in courtship, love and marriage, though it will differ much in different horoscopes; disappointment in love, delay in love or marriage, loss by separation or death of the loved one or the marriage partner, disagreement or jealously are forms it may assume. Money by legacy, gift, partnership, or marriage is probable, but there always delay or trouble connected with it and worst aspects may prevent it altogether. Money will be gained also through occupations of the watery element, or things connected with the dead. There is likely to be either an extravagant nature, too free expenditure, or for some reason no opportunity of saving.

Dr. A. Shanker

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