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Planet Mars in Aquarius - Impacts !

A Positive House of Saturn: This impact causes some degree of impulsiveness and abruptness in manner or speech. The native may do things quickly and unexpectedly, either because native makes up his/her mind quickly or because he/she does not fully realise the consequences. He/She often sums up facts or opinions and comes to a conclusion very quickly. Native is ready and prompt, knows what to do in an emergency; has all his wits about them. As a speaker, native is a ready and incisive debater, forcible and determined. His/her opinions are fixed and not easily changed from outside; but when he/she does change, it often happens so suddenly and abruptly as to surprise everyone. 

Native alienates his/her friends by their actions, suffers from their opposition and hostility. Native loses some friend by death and others by separation or estrangement and may be in danger from a false friend. This position is not favorable for societies, associations, companies or firms and trouble occurs to him in connection with them, unless the planet is well aspected. He/She is somewhat ambitious and aspiring, and is independent in manner, too much so to associate on an equal footing with others for any length of time; such links are broken either through his/her ambition or his/her love of independence. 

Sometimes native seems to be a democrat, but there is a good deal of the autocrat with him; he/she has a love of leading and guiding others. Native may meet their death directly or indirectly through a friend. To a slight extent, it is unfavorable for the parents; there may be estranged from, or, the comparatively early death, one of them.

Dr. A. Shanker

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