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Planet Mars impact in Pisces!

This is not a fortunate position, but the nature of the troubles indicated differs a good deal according to the kind of horoscope, the prominence or otherwise of the benefics, and the aspects the planet receives. Its influence may be considered under two heads, the good and the bad.

In its bad influence, the native often proves to be his own worst enemy; he/she is prone to indolence, vacillation, irresolution and indecision; he/she drifts too much, and is too open to the influence of others. Native is also sometimes lacking in candor, truthfulness and honesty. Native is often involved in almost irremediable troubles and misfortune, which are usually more or less their own fault, due directly or indirectly to their own action. Native may suffer from secret enmity in various forms, theft, scandal, false reports, slander, etc., with or without deserving it; but native may also himself act wrongly in this way, and play the secret enemy to others. When the influence bears upon health, it is apt to cause lingering illnesses and such as are incurable or nearly so. There is danger from water and liquids generally, drowning, scalding, poisons, or foods in liquid form. To a slight extent there is a likelihood of the death of children. There will be some tendency to dissipation, while the native may be easily depressed, gloomy or pessimistic. In its better influence, the native is quiet and retiring, avoiding an open rupture or conflict; changeable in opinion, however, and lacking in promptness and decision; perhaps changing his occupation or following two occupations; meeting with many heavy misfortunes and difficulties, but honestly trying to surmount them.

It gives the ability for a detective, lawyer, magistrate, and inspector, and the native may be instrumented in bringing injustice and evildoing to light. Native does good work quietly and is perhaps desirous of popularity, but unable to gain it. 

The idea of detention or restraint belongs to the twelfth sign and may accompany this position, manifesting through ill-health, enmity, crime, or poverty.

Note: In these, as in all other cases, much depends upon the position of the planet in the horoscope. For an unfavorable position, by 'house', will negative much of the good promised by a favorable sign, and vice versed.

Dr. A. Shanker

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