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Planet Mars impact in Capricorn!


The native is ambitious, and fond of a public life, one bringing native before the multitude rather than confining him/her to a narrow scope. Native is energetic and wins prominence or authority thereby; is willing to take much responsibility upon his/her shoulders; is fond of exercising authority, and will probably hold some more or less responsible or prominent position. Mars is strong in this sign and generally for good, although there is often a good deal of quick temper, irritability and passion.

The native sometimes comes into conflict with people in authority, superiors, those in higher ranks, and is unfortunate through them. Native may arouse opposition, enmity, rivalry, criticism. It is rather unfortunate for a parent (probably father), either of the native or the marriage partner; one may die prematurely, or there will be a separation or disagreement, either between the native and a parent or between the parents themselves. To a less extent it is similarly unfortunate for brothers and sisters, writings, letters and short journeys. There will be money or a legacy from the father, brothers or sisters.

Dr. A. Shanker

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