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Planet Mars impact in sign Sagittarius!

A Positive House of Jupiter:
An active mind seldom in agreement with others, fixed and positive in its own ideas, and frequently at variance with accepted opinions. In religion militant, aggressive, unorthodox or skeptical, enthusiastic and active.

Because he/she resists the influence of others and thinks for himself, he/she will probably change his/her opinions in important particulars, perhaps more than once in his life; will leave one religion, philosophy, or mode of thought and take up with another. He/She is mentally and morally brave, daring and fearless of the opinions of others.

The position makes him/her somewhat of a traveler, walker, rider, sailor or athlete, and there will be a partnership or associated in some way with someone else. If afflicted, possible loss of a legacy. It is not good for brothers, sisters, and cousins; one or more will die, or there may be disagreement.

Dr. A. Shanker

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