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Planet Mars in sign Virgo!


A Negative House of Mercury:
The native is a good worker in a subordinate capacity. Unless indications of rulership and mastery are supplied elsewhere in the horoscope, native succeeds best and is most fortunate when directed by, or associated with someone else. Native is not good at commanding others; and however independent he/she may appear, he/she is seldom so in reality so far as this position is concerned. Sometimes the native is very ambitious and desirous of power and fame, but this position puts difficulties in the way and helps to bring reversal, downfall, and continual difficulties and opposition.

He/She is never so open nor so devoid of concealment as the best type of Mars men usually are; he/she often has had something he/she keeps in reserve; inclines more to secrecy; he/she follows his/her own will, if not openly then quietly and in secret, and is capable of working in the dark and in secret; whether for good or evil depends upon the horoscope as a whole. If the horoscope is a good one, he/she may be of a quiet, retiring nature; if an evil one, he/she will be deceitful or work ill deeds in secret. He/She is likely to suffer from servants, subordinates, co-workers, and false friends. The position relates somewhat to medicine, surgery, drugs, hygiene, food products; adapts for science, and gives shrewdness and mental activity. 

The bowels or nervous system will suffer from some complaint brought on or aggravated by Mars. There may be disorders of the parts signified by Virgo, and diseases are likely to be complicated or inborn and incurable. The native may lose friends or servants by death or be parted from them through quarrels or misunderstanding.

Dr. A. Shanker

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