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Planet Mars impact in sign Leo!

House of the Sun:
The native is generous, candid and sincere; above anything mean or petty; independent in manner, enthusiastic, active, capable of quick and hard work. Native is warm hearted and affectionate; sociable and fond of company; but at times has a quick temper and a militant, aggressive manner, and so may arouse opposition and open enmity. 

Native has some amount of authority in his/her manner; is capable of directing and controlling others; and may rise to a position of responsibility or authority. Unless afflicted, good fortune through people in authority or in higher ranks is shown. Native is ardent and often hasty in love; sometimes too unrestrained in his/her emotions and passions; if at all afflicted, liable to disappointment in love, death of a loved one or separation or some irregularity in the union. There may be one son, but if at all afflicted this position of Mars threatens death of a child, disaster or separation. It increases the vitality but gives liability to martial diseases and accidents, and when afflicted or afflicting, affects the heart and back; although as Mars is strong in this position nothing very evil need except in a bad horoscope. The native may receive money or legacy through the father or superiors.

Dr. A. Shanker 

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