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Planet Mars impact in Sign Libra!


A Positive House of Venus:
The inclines to a rash and ardent love, sometimes to an earlier or hasty marriage. Occasionally marriage is very much delayed through an early disappointment. The native is passionate and quick in love, and may suffer through his/her affections, or be entangled detrimentally with the opposite sex. The marriage partner and the opposite sex have great attractions for him, exercise much control over him, and he/she is sure to meet with grief or trouble of some kind through this. 

Trouble comes upon him through other people, although it may be indirectly due to any fault or weakness in himself. He/she meets with criticism, enmity, rivalry and opposition, open or secret. There is the severing bonds through disagreement or death between the native and partner (marriage or otherwise), friends, associates and relatives, unless there are strong good aspects to the planet.

Dr. A. Shanker

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