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Planet MARS impact on sign Cancer!

A House of the Moon: Native will be rather uncertain in temper, irritable, sometimes nursing ill-feeling, and if afflicted, capable of much malevolence or given to sudden outbursts of temper; he/she may not be altogether candied or straightforward. This position tends to sensuousness and a fondness for luxury. There will be early death of the mother or some kind of separation, maybe disagreement with her. 

And if well respected, the native may inherit from the mother or her side of the family; or may otherwise inherit houses or land; but if at all afflicted native will suffer or have much annoyance through houses, land, or legacy, and may lose them; will change his/her abode frequently, or may have accidents or in a house, such as fire, theft, storm, flood, earthquake etc. 

There is danger from the watery element indicated; and when death occurs, it may be occasioned thereby. The native is original, independent and rebels against authority. There is some liability to diseases of the nerves and stomach.

Dr. A. Shanker

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