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Planet Mars Impact on Gemini

A Positive House of Mercury: The native is quick and sharp in mind and speech, the wit is nimble and active, though it may not be always agreeable; sometimes too plain spoken, more forcible than smooth; mentally combative and positive. May be given to satire, irony, faultfinding, criticism of others is practical, apt, and ready, and comes to conclusions quickly. 

If well aspected native will speak or write well, and be fond of writing, reading, or speaking; will travel a good deal. There is some likelihood of trouble through education, letters, writings and travelling, also brothers or sisters; sometimes estrangement or separation of the latter, especially if afflicted. 

This position may sometimes accompany an impediment in the speech. In some cases the mind is restless, wanting in fixedness and concentration, given to wandering and indecision. Death may occur while on a journey or at a distance from home.

Dr. A. Shanker

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