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Planet Mars impact in sign Scorpio!


A Negative House of Mars: 
 Planet Mars is strong here and its influence is on the whole fortunate. The martial side of the nature is rendered powerful, and the native is firm, positive and determined. There is executive power, a practical nature, the ability to work hard and accomplish much. There is a world, matter-of-fact, materialistic tendency, selfishness, pride and disregard of the feelings of others. There is some liability to weakness of health in early life, some accident, fever, surgical operation, (or even premature death, but this chiefly when afflicted). 

This position increases strength and vitality in adults and older people, but the intensity of the martial influence may be too much in childhood. If afflicted there will be anger and bad temper. It favors legacies and a gain of money through association with others. 

Dr. A. Shanker

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