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Planet Mars impact in Sign Taurus!


A Negative House of Venus: The Native is firmly and obstinately set on his/her own ends; he/she is practical, a good worker and manager, can carry plans and ideas into practical execution, and is a man of the world. If much afflicted there will be irritability and bad temper and if the horoscope is bad, the anger will be sudden and violent. 

He may earn much money, especially if well aspected, but seldom keeps it, spending money freely, either from inclination or necessity. His expenses will be high, and he/she may have to work hard all his life; will be almost certain to lose money or property or be in straitened circumstances at some period. 

Generally earns his own living; but even if born to wealth, will do something which will bring him money. There is a likelihood of a legacy; if Mars is afflicted, it may fail to be realized, however. This position inclines to marriage, but  brings trouble with it. 

It threatens some scandal in connection with marriage or the opposite sex. 

Dr. A. Shanker

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