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Planet Mars impact in Sign Aries!


A positive house of Mars: This strengthens all the material elements in the nature, and they are sure to be prominent in the life history. It gives energy, activity, forcefulness, combativeness, positiveness, enterprise, originality, self-assurance, desire to be at the head of things. It increases the vitality, but gives liability to fevers, accidents, wounds, danger by fire, and surgical operations. It helps to fit the native for any of the occupations of Aries. 

There is some likelihood of the native's illnesses and even his/her death, being due, directly or indirectly, to his own action, his own fault. To a slighter extent (unless afflicted) he/she is fortunate with servants and those under him or when he/she himself/herself is a servant or subordinate to another (although the tendency of the position is the opposite to that of subservience, as it gives love of independence, candor, openness, dislike of  bonds, and if afflicted, a rebellious disposition). He/She is often impulsive, imprudent, acts in haste, dislikes secrecy or restrictions, and is generally found out if he/she tells a lie or does wrong or tries to conceal anything. He/She is fitted for cutting out his own way in life, whether there is any need for him to do so or not; and he/she may win some measure of popularity, public success, and good fortune through his own exertions. Some of the most important events in his/her life, will be due to his/her own act. Whether for good or evil, he/she acts, and does not merely drift through life or require to be pushed on by others. As a rule it greatly increases vitality and probable length of life and gives magnetic and healing power and superfluous vital force, which can be radiated to others. But the native lives, generates and uses up force rapidly, and is more likely to "wear out" than "rust out".

Dr. A. Shanker

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