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Planet Jupiter impact in sign Pisces!


A Negative House of Jupiter: This combination brings good fortune to the native from persons and affairs signified by Pisces. It inclines the disposition to be kind, charitable quiet and unassuming, unambitious, sociable, rather changeable and easily influenced, ease-loving, sometimes indolent and lacking in energy and "go", at others restless, unsettled and undecided. It disposes somewhat to travelling, especially by water. In  it indicates sincere belief, often with something mystical, occult, or secret about it, and it increases the emotional and imaginative side of the nature generally. 

There is some fondness for secrets and mysteries and there may be some ability for any occupation involving these, e.g., detective lawyer, policeman, writer of fiction etc. It is slightly good for the parents. If the planet is much afflicted by malefics, however-especially Mars - it will not be productive of much good.

Dr. A. Shanker

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