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Sexual (bedtime) Compatibilities between the Sun-Signs in Year 2022 - Chapter 1

Chapter - 1

March 21 – April 19

Rāśi’s Basic Characteristics: The Ram; 1st sign; Rules 1st house; Ruling planet Aries; Governs the head and brain; Forest Quadruped; Priśtodāya; Movable; Odd; Dwāra Rāśi; Mineral; Fierce Male; East; Red Head; Night; Goat; Kśhātriya; Tjo-tātwa.

Aries () with Aries (): Relationships between the partners is highly on flare-up mode. They are too sensitive to handle each other’s emotional temperament. Be careful and pamper each other in a normal life to have healthy sexual involvement.

Aries () with Taurus (): Very erotic relationship between the partners. Sexual activities will be exceptionally top graded. There will be no confusion between them due to best compatibilities.

Aries () with Gemini (): Light hearted association between both of them. There will be fewer tussles between both of them. So, attraction between each other will stay always due lovely association.

Aries () with Cancer (): Sexual life among the natives will be absolutely poor due to differences between them at every step.

Aries () with Leo (): Enormously intense connect. Being having a passionate and strong relationship their sexual activities will go too long. This couple will not even feel their old age.

Aries () with Virgo (): Hot and cold connection between the partners. Life will be full of excitement. Little sour and sweet with love and hate.

Aries () with Libra (): Unacceptable relationship. Intolerable for each other on every move.  

Aries () with Scorpio (): Bad relationship.

Aries () with Sagittarius (): Adventurous and full of enthusiasm makes both the natives slightly arouse each other. There will be an absolute affectionate relation between them.

Aries () with Capricorn (): Passionate relationship. Full of love, desire and need for each other. Both the partners may forget their differences if any before going to bed.

Aries () with Aquarius (): Intriguing, interesting and spicy relationship. They both fascinate each other with full of excitement. Sex game with full of love will make their relationship divine.

Aries () with Pisces (): Slightly less sex due to their difficult and tough relation due their different intellect and life priorities.

- Symbol of Male

- Symbol of Female

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