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Planet Jupiter Impact in Virgo!

Negative House of Mercury: With this position the native is rather matter-of-fact, in religious views, taking the intellectual or even somewhat materialistic view of things rather than the devotional and spiritual. This tends to permeate the higher side of the mind in all directions, philosophical, poetical, religious, etc., native is practical, actually analytical in mind, doubting and hesitating. Ability for scientific study and investigation of the facts is marked, as native possesses a mind that classifies, analyses, studies ad draws conclusions; doubting it has reasons for believing and always requiring reasons for all things, - "a why and a wherefore"; there is some ability for teaching, when a good education has been received. A faithful servant himself, also benefits through servants as a rule; but if afflicted he may suffer severely, either through or as a servant, and treachery or deceit will be manifested, indolence and misfortunes of various kinds. This position tends somewhat to the occupations of Virgo or Sagittarius, and it inclines slightly to travelling, principally by land. It is not good for liver, digestion or bowels. The influence upon marriage is very slight but is not good, especially if afflicted. The native is sometimes lacking in method, wanting in the application, or absent-minded. 

Dr. A. Shanker

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