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Jupiter in Leo!

Jupiter in Leo - A house of Sun
: The native is sincere, generous, magnanimous; somewhat ambitious and fond of power, dignity, pomp, display. Is fitted for some public work or pursuit, where he/she can be at the head of some undertaking and can direct or control others. There is something of the dramatic in him/her and a liking grandeur and ceremony, or great undertakings; he/she does well in government employ, or in some prominent position. There is a very strong attraction to religion, philosophy, the higher sciences, the fine arts, and the higher cultivation of the mind in general; so that he/she may gain eminence in one of these directions. The tendency to travel is not great; there may be one long voyage, but travelling is generally for some definite end rather than for the love of travelling. This position favors intuition, and the manifestation of genius and the higher faculties generally. It increases the vitality, strengthens the constitution and favors the birth of children. The native has a deep and sincere love-nature, and is easily moved through love, and is compassionate, benevolent and high-minded.

Dr. A. Shanker

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