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Planet Jupiter in Taurus!


A Negative House of Venus: This gives a gain of money through occupations connected in some way to the church, religion, philosophy, learning, the higher faculties of the mind, shipping, voyages, horses. The native is fixed in religion and in his opinions generally, devout and not prone to change. He/She is fond of home, and does not travel much except for some definite end such as health, business or the profession.  He/She will gain through land, farming and the products of the land, foodstuffs, etc., but there may be loss through these channels if the planet is afflicted.

Fortunate in money matters as a rule, and often the recipient of legacies and gifts, the native, though usually generous, is apt to be too fond of money for its own sake in some instances. There is some degree of pride, but also a very warm-hearted, affectionate nature.

Dr. A. Shanker

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