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Planet Jupiter in sign in Aries!


A positive house of Mars: A generous, candid, ardent and high-minded disposition. There is a strong inclination to science, literature, religion, study, travelling, the higher cultivation of the mind, or to any of the subjects dear to those born in Sagittarius, any of these may become prominent in the life history, ships and voyaging, horses and races may be to the fore with others and amusements, occupations and hobbies founded upon any of these will attract attention.

Pecuniary success is indicated in matters signified by Aries, while success is largely owing to personal merit and the native’s own exertions; he carves out his own fate, though he may meet with reverses at times. This position indicates one who is to some extent a pioneer or innovator, not very conservative by nature, who is generally fortunate and well respected, and is ambitious of advancement. In religion, native is usually active and sincere, whatever his views, orthodox or otherwise, and they may be of either type, but the native is pretty sure to oppose received opinions in some degree and to advocate new ones, either in religion or in some department of the activities ruled by Jupiter and consequently represented by Sagittarius.

Native may have two occupations, or will change his pursuit at some time in life. One child, but of good disposition. If badly afflicted by Mars, Saturn or Venus, the native may lose money in various ways or find it very difficult to earn a living, and may come to want; in any case it will be partly their own fault.

Dr. A. Shanker

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