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Jupiter in Gemini

A Positive House of Mercury:
This gives a good disposition, courteous, truthful and trustworthy. The native is changeable and restless mentally and often physically as well; is fond of novelty, also of travelling, and somewhat wanting in perseverance.

This position is favorable for education and mental culture, literature or study. The tendency is to the intellectual side of religion, sometimes to mysticism or an eclectic religion; but the native may be changeable and uncertain in his views or even appear indifferent. There is a strong probability of marriage with a relative or someone closely associated, or perhaps even two marriages. 

But there will be trouble in marriage through fickleness, or in connection with letters, travel or relatives. To a slight extent it brings trouble or from the mother, brothers or sisters - differences, or separation, - also a danger while travelling; but none of this will be serious unless the planet is afflicted. 

The better occupations and affairs coming under the rulership of Jupiter (as related under the headings of Sagittarius and Pisces) will be prominent in the life, but to a slight extent, it is unfavorable for land or house property. There is sympathy, charity, benevolence and brotherly feeling.

Dr. A. Shanker

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