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Planet Saturn's impact in sign Pisces!

A Negative House of Jupiter:
This position is not fortunate, and very little good can be expected from it unless well aspected. It is unfavorable for the occupation, public position, reputation and popularity. The native will suffer severely through any of these, and may incur opprobrium or disrepute in connection therewith.

Superiors, authorities and those in high position are apt to be hostile to him or unsympathetic in some way; native has many critics, also enemies and false friends. If a person himself in a position, he/she is liable to attacks from his/her inferiors, and may suffer some downfall or exposure. Trouble through the father is sometimes experienced, lack of sympathy, hostility, separation, financial troubles; or the father may be brought down in the world and himself experience misfortunes.

If well-aspected, benefit may come or money be earned through any affairs, occupations or persons signified by Pisces, such as hospitals, workhouses, charitable institutions, asylums, secret or private occupations, secret societies, or pursuits that are unpopular or considered of low caste, or even in some cases those that are unlawful.

If afflicted, the native will suffer through any of these channels, meeting with many undeserved misfortunes and being the subject of much unaccountable secret enmity and persecution.

Dr. A. Shanker

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