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Planet Jupiter in Libra!

Planet Jupiter in Libra - A Positive House of Venus:
This position favors sincerity and religious feeling and gives an imaginative or mystical disposition with an inclination to poetry, music, etc., and for partnership, comradeship and association with others; the native will gain some degree of popularity among his friends and associates. It is fortunate for marriage and friendship. It is rather favorable for both long and short journeys and there will be some liking for travelling. There will be gain through the marriage or business partner or associate; or if much afflicted, trouble from open or secret enemies, loss of money through a woman, through brothers and friends; opposition and treachery from friends or associates. It is a favorable position for charitable gifts, compassion and help; both from and to the native, according to circumstances. The native retains the affection of the brethren and friends. Native may arouse opposition or incur enmity from the clergy.  

Dr. A. Shanker

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