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Planet Jupiter in Scorpio: Impacts on signs!

Planet Jupiter in Scorpio is a negative house of Mars: Native will be active, self-confident, a fruitful mind and firmly set on its object. There are ardor and perseverance, generosity and enthusiasm. This position notes one who is fond of mysteries, secret and occult things; analytical and both constructive and destructive, in religion positive, sometimes aggressive; inclining to some unpopular, skeptical or mystical religion or philosophy. 

The planet's impacts are slightly good for the birth of children, but the probability of one's death. There are danger and misfortunes from the water and voyages; liability for death through water or while traveling. Money will be gained through occupations signified by Scorpio. It strengthens the imaginative and emotional side of the nature and gives love of pleasure, amusement and the show.

Dr. A. Shanker

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