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Jupiter in Cancer!

House of the Moon:
The native is good humored, charitable, benevolent, humane, religious and to some extent yielding disposition and changeable opinions. He may change his religion or hold it loosely and yet be thoroughly sincere and devout. The emotional side of the nature and the imagination and intuition are strengthened, and may show themselves in various ways; in poetry, music or the fine arts, in an inclination to the poetical or mystical religion, in a fondness for mysteries and the marvelous, the investigation of psychism etc.

The native is fond of home and the parents, especially the mother, and there is likely to be some special link between the native and the mother. There will be voyaging and travels by water, for pleasure, health, etc.; the native may travel with a parent (or because of parents). If much afflicted there will be trouble connected with travels and the watery element generally, but it is improbable that this will be serious. It promises offspring, unless afflicted; and there will be money or legacy from the mother or her side of the family. There is some probability of death at a distance from home. 

Dr. A. Shanker

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