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Planet Saturn in sun sign Aquarius!

A Positive House of Saturn:
In this position, if fairly free from affliction, Saturn gives power and good fortune to any or all the activities signified by this sign. It brings success to the native through societies, associations, companies, or groups of people having some common object. It lifts him up and brings either general success or else prominence, position and authority through these matters.

It is good for members of Parliament, Town or County Councillors and all who hold similar official positions in any bodies, imperial, municipal or democratic, also trade unions, secret societies, etc. It is good for those who are the heads of large movements, or who are prominent persons therein. 

Its influence is rather more democratic than that of Capricornm, although this fact may not prevent the native being conservative, reserved and autocratic. But where their inclinations are not democratic, fate often throws these natives into popular movements, and sometimes puts them into positions of more or less antagonistic or opposition to higher powers.

If receiving help from Venus or Jupiter by best aspect, this position favors the acquisition of wealth through stocks, shares, companies, speculation, etc.; or through the father, Government or municipal employ, or official positions in connection with public bodies. If badly aspected, it may bring much misfortune through any of these matters, according to the nature of the afflicting planet. There is the instinct for mysticism or occultism. The native is usually widely known, and will have many acquaintances, even if few friends; while, if afflicted, the native may suffer through friends and become the victim of false charges, deceit or scandal.

Dr. A. Shanker

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