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Planet Saturn impact in sign Capricorn!

Saturn in Capricorn: A negative house of Saturn:
This tends to lift up the native, or to give power, authority, mastery, rulership, independence, ambition, sometimes great selfishness, or loneliness and isolation. Its influence is of course modified according to the native's sphere of life. This is its general influence, and it may manifest to the extent of its opportunity in any walk of life, commercial, political, military, legal, financial etc. 

It is usually considered to give much misfortune in occupation and financial affairs, with ultimate reversal or collapse; but it seems open to doubt whether the planet's influence seems to be of the nature given above, and this may be fortunate with a good combination and unfortunate with a bad one.

Saturn in Capricorn receiving evil aspects, especially from the Moon, is very unfortunate, and any influence received here will manifest through the father, the occupation, worldly position, power, fame etc.  (An aspect of Venus will affect money and marriage; from the Moon, worldly position, general prosperity, the parents, health; from Mars, the will, actions originating in the native himself, death, the money of the marriage or business partner; and so on according to the nature of the planet aspecting Saturn.)

In this position, Saturn seems to render the native very self-centered. In a weak or unfortunate personality, this will show melancholy, despondency, gloom, seriousness and perhaps bring loneliness or isolation stage, which may or may not be the native's own seeking.

In a strong personality, it brings ambition, love of power and responsibility and unless Jupiter, Venus or the Sun prevent much selfish indifference to other people's interests. Saturn in this sign has an interesting significance. If the first point of Aries (commencement of spring) be taken as representing conception the first point of Capricorn (winter solstice) will stand for birth; Capricorn and Saturn, its ruler, will then be the symbols of Man and the human soul in general - the strong, clearly-marked, well-defined individuality with power over himself and over the world. This is the astronomical reason why so many of the world heroes and saviors have been symbolised as being born at the time of the year signified by Capricorn.

Dr. A. Shanker

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