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Impact of Planet Saturn in Sign Libra

Saturn in Libra: A positive house of Venus:
If free from affliction this is on the whole good. There will be some difference in age, worldly position, or wealth, between the native and the marriage or business partner; one of the two benefits of the marriage (any partnership), or both may gain by it; e.g., one will gain wealth and the other position. One of the two may be actuated by desire for wealth or position in marrying, or at least will "go where the money is," or where the worldly position is, and gain either or both. One will be colder, more austere, or more desirous of wealth or position than the other. 

This is generally the marriage partner; and the one who gains (wealth or position) is generally the marriage partner; sometimes, however, it may be the native, or, as remarked, both may gain. The father of the native (or of the marriage partner) will greatly influence the marriage and may do something towards bringing it about; but if there is affliction, one of the fathers will hinder, or try to hinder, the marriage. This is more likely to be the father of the native, but it may be either.

All that is here said marriage is also true, mutatus mutandis, of partnership and of associations generally. This position is favorable for partnerships, especially with persons older or of a better position than the native, or with the father. Position, power, or dignity is gained or money earned through partnership, companies, or association with others. It is slightly favorable for religion and for the mystical side of it. Any affliction will diminish the good and bring about the opposite evil, according to the nature of the afflicting planet, and the tendency of friendship and partnership will then turn into inharmoney, opposition, enmity, jealousy, etc.

Dr. A. Shanker

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