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Impact of Saturn in sun sign Scorpio!

Saturn in Scorpio: A negative house of Mars: This increases the force of character, strength of will, love of power and authority, ability to control others, and dislike of opposition and restraint. It may produce a very forceful, strong, even turbulent character, unless counteracted by the good influence from benefices. Its tendency is rather critical, and unless well aspected or accompanied by prominent benefics, it is more likely to be productive of evil than good. It imperils the honor and reputation, may cause unpopularity or scandal, and unless well aspected threatens overthrow, reverse, collapse, or downfall. It well aspected, or benefics are strong, it produces a character, both masterful and subtle, one that will excel through plot and counterplot, and influence men through ways they do not understand; or it may give eminence and power in things that are secret, hidden, occult, mystical, or that are on the other hand merely unpopular and of low degree; or sometimes, in an unfavorable horoscope, notoriety in crime or shame. It is not very favorable for the occupation or for any public pursuit, as it tends to break up, disrupt, disintegrate, dissociate. 

The same applies to the father; he either dies early in the native's life, or there will be inharmoney or separation; he may bring trouble to the native, or even death in extreme cases. In the absense of bad aspects, it is good for occupations concerned with death and the affairs or goods of the dead, also chemicals, sanitation etc. Its influence upon the health is rather perilous in early life, but if that be overpast it then tends to long life, especially if well aspected. The dangers come from diseases of the parts signified by Scorpio; from accidents, poisons, or surgical operations; from infectious or "filth" diseases; and there is some likelihood of death occurring in some public place or in a more or less public manner. It is favorable of joining mystical, occult, or secret societies or associations.

Dr. A. Shanker

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