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Planet Saturn in Virgo!

Planet Saturn in sun sign Virgo - A Negative house of Mercury:
Gives an orderly, critical and analytical mind and of a very serious cast if planet Saturn is prominent in the horoscope. It tends to an original and capable intellect, one that is fitted to deal with profound subjects. This will very likely not show to advantage during early life, and as a child the native may therefore be considered dull, unless there is assistance elsewhere in the horoscope. The serious tendency will increase to gloom or melancholy at times; or there will be diffidence and reserve. 

There is some likelihood of disappointment or reversal in the profession, occupation or career; thus there will be thwarted ambition, a desire to rise, which is frustrated, or the native will be kept back by an unpopular occupation, by ill-health, or native may be hampered in his projects with his father. 

It is not a good position for the father, who may be a drag upon the native in some way, or perhaps unsympathetic to him. Unless well aspected, the native suffers through servants, subordinates, and employees, and is not very fortunate himself in any such capacity; but if the planet receives assistance from Venus, Jupiter, or the luminaries, he/she succeeds as a superior servant or a manager, and benefits of association with the father. The native will travel chiefly for business or health, if at all.

Dr. A. Shanker

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