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Planet Saturn in sun sign Taurus

Planet Saturn in the sun sign Taurus - Negative house of Venus:
This tends to make the native strong-willed, very firm and persistent in pursuing his purposes; of a quiet, slow, kind nature, unless afflicted but easily roused to anger and passion. It is not good for money matters and (unless very well aspected) money comes but slowly or wastes away. There is a possibility of inheritance, especially through a parent - probably father- and the native may gain money (or lose it, if afflicted) through public ventures, investments, stocks, shares, banks, companies, or speculations in these matters. The good aspects of Jupiter, the Moon and Venus to Saturn are the best for pecuniary purposes. As Saturn has more power in the latter half of life than in the earlier years, its influence often develops and changes after the expiration of its first period and changes after the expiration of its first period (twenty-eight to thirty years). This is equally true, whatever sign Saturn may occupy. The native is usually careful and saving in money matters, either from inclination or necessity and is sometimes even miserly. In any case there is a tendency to selfishness.

Dr. A. Shanker

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