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Planet Saturn in sun sign Gemini and Cancer

Planet Saturn in the sun sign Gemini -
A positive house of Mercury: This combination will bring trouble and difficulties, especially in early life, these being connected with education, clerical and literary work, brethren and short journeys. But these may be a considerable intellectual ability, strength of character, subtlety of purpose, depth of thought, ability for scientific work or for invention and discovery. If well aspected, the native gains some little success or renown through matters ruled by Gemini (q.v.), and may follow an occupation governed by that sign. But if the planet is afflicted there will be trouble through all such matters. There will be some irritability, lack of candor, a hard intellectual nature, cynicism and bitterness. The position is not very good for the father too.

Planet Saturn in the sun sign Cancer - house of the Moon: This is unfortunate for worldly position, honor, wealth, possessions and general success in life. It brings many troubles in business, occupation and profession. It threatens downfall, loss of repute, financial troubles and poverty, especially if afflicted by the Moon, Venus, or Jupiter. It is not good for the parents (especially the father); one either dies prematurely or there is estrangement or separation in any way. It may conduce towards mediumship or occultism of some kind. It is unfavorable for the dwelling house and house property. To a slight extent it is bad for marriage. The occupation may be relatively unpopular, of lower class or disreputable. 

Dr. A. Shanker

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