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Planet Saturn's impact in sun sign Aries

Saturn in Aries - A positive sign of Mars: Native is likely to come to the front more or less in his sphere of life; he has ambition, love of power and high position, and can exercise authority over others, can influence and manage others. He is somewhat of an organiser, can plan and arrange, and is highly diplomatic though somewhat distrustful. He has self-confidence and assurance, but sometimes may show austerity, gloominess and love of retirement. He has many acquaintances, but few intimates; he makes friends at a distance from his home, also through letters, writings, journeys, and largely through the father, brethren or superiors rather than through personal effort. It gives a touch of selfishness and somewhat coarsens the final side of the nature. It may give some degree of irritability, or even bad temper when aroused. The native's fate in life, especially his public career or occupation, is largely of his own choosing, and his misfortunes are often his own fault or due to his own action, directly or indirectly. Native will succeed through connection with companies, associations, societies, large firms etc. 

This position is not fortunate for the parents, in many cases the relation of the father to the native is very close, and he may exercise considerable control over the native, but the position is rather critical and the influence is more often unfortunate than otherwise. In some cases there may be positive ill-will between the father and the native, but this only happens where Saturn is badly aspected.

Dr. A. Shanker

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