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Planet Saturn in sun sign Leo

Planet Saturn in sun sign Leo - House of the Sun:
This helps to lift the native up in life and give him power, authority, or responsibility; in great things or small, native will, to some extent, stand outside the crowd of ordinary people. It brings favor from superiors and those in the higher ranks of life, and there may be gifts or legacies from the father or superiors, if much afflicted, however, these significant planets. It slightly diminishes the vitality, and may affect the heart. It gives some tinge of selfishness; the native may be somewhat cold and self-contained. The Scandals may arise through love-affairs or through the passions. It is not good for the children and diminishes the number of them. It may indicate premature death of the father or separation from him. The Father may interfere with a love affair (if well aspected).

Dr. A. Shanker

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