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Planet Uranus position in sign Pisces!

Planet Uranus in Pisces - A Negative House of Jupiter: This tends towards mysticism; inner religious feeling; occult experiences; many dreams, keen interest in all psychical matters and association with people concerned in them. If afflicted there will be trouble through these, also estrangement from friends and the public, while a lack of sociability or sympathy may be displayed in ordinary matters and hostility encountered from others. There is some liability to reverse and unexpected misfortunes; the reputation may be in danger.

Note on the sign positions of the planet Uranus and Neptune

These two planets remain for so long a time in each sign, Uranus for more than seven years and Neptune nearly fourteen, that great caution is necessary in drawing conclusions based upon their sign position; more so, indeed, than with any other of the heavenly bodies. It is clearly impossible that native born during these periods should possess the accompanying characteristics and fortune to an exactly equal extent. The reader, therefore, should take these delineations in their most general sense only, and he is advised not to base any prognostications upon the position of either of these planets unless the characteristics mentioned are supported by sympathetic planetary positions. For stance, If planet Uranus is in a sign indicating an active intellect, and this influence is accompanied by a like influence from the Sun, Moon, or Mercury, its full effect may be expected; but if not, the influence is greatly weakened, and the unfavorable side of the planet's nature is more likely to be marked. 

These remarks apply with more or less force to all the planetary positions here given, since Saturn remains two and a half years, Jupiter one year, and even Mars sometimes as much as six months in one sign. 

Nevertheless, while as native has been before hinted the actual position at birth, whether its rising, culminating, etc., has much to do - indeed, everything almost with the prominence of any planet's influence in the nativity (irrespective of the zodiacal sign occupied), yet the general tendencies are as described and can be traced in any life according to the prominence of the planet in question. That this is so can be seen, in the case of Uranus and Neptune, especially, by studying contemporary history during the time of their occupancy of the given sign.

 Dr. A. Shanker

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