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Planet Uranus position in Libra and Scorpio!

Planet Uranus in Libra - a positive house on Venus: Apt to cause enmity, rivalry, opposition, criticism, broken friendships; the estrangement of sympathy in matters relating to marriage, partnership or friendship. This may be due to impulsiveness, stubbornness or some peculiarity of temperament or isolation of manner in the native. There is sometimes a hasty engagement and marriage, with danger of separation, divorce or death of a partner. It is good for artistic or literary occupations and tends somewhat to bring these into the life and in cases where the marriage or partnership is based upon such interests the risks involved are lessened. This position increases the imagination, taste and aesthetic faculties and if the planetary positions permit will give remarkable intuition.

Planet Uranus in Scorpio - a negative house of Mars: The native possesses great strength of will, determination and power of concentration and generally much self-will; may  be broken but not bent. If other positions show intellect, this will co-operate in giving strength of mind, acuteness, incisiveness, wit, mental grasp, and comprehensiveness. In some cases it shows an aggressive rebellious nature, one who frequently finds himself at variance with other people, and rather delights in being at war with the world. If malefic influences are strong, there is some danger of sudden accidents, falls, gunshots, explosions, etc.  (Especially the latter), and in extreme cases, the liability to a sudden end; this last only when afflicted. There are mesmeric power, strong willpower, and in general considerable ability for practical occult investigation. 

Dr. A. Shanker

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