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Planet Uranus position in Sagittarius and Capricorn!

Planet Uranus in Sagittarius - a positive house of Jupiter: 
This position increases the imagination and inventiveness; often also the religious sentiments and the higher emotions; there is some tendency to religious mysticism, ritualism etc., or to very advanced religious views. It favors dreams or visions and inclines strongly towards travelling, while it co-operates with other influences to develop the higher side of the mind in almost every direction in which wide cultivation and higher education afford scope. If much afflicted, on the other hand, troubles will come from any or all of these sources and also through the marriage partner.

Planet Uranus in Capricorn - A negative house of Saturn: This helps to cause thoughtfulness, seriousness and reserve, but it also assists in intensifying ambition, steadfastness and perseverance. If well supported by the other planetary positions, it gives success in public occupations, those connected with municipalities, or governing bodies; it helps to lift the native up and put him in some position of authority or responsibility; but is better for the special occupations connected to this planet (such as electrical or manufacturing machinery, etc.), than for ordinary pursuits. There is some danger of family discord or trouble, especially in early life, loss of a father or separation from the native. If afflicted, the disfavor of superiors, opposition from those in authority and severe public criticism will be met with,  while there is a danger of sudden reversals and difficulties in the occupation, with many changes of locality.

 Dr. A. Shanker

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