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Planet Uranus position in Cancer, Leo and Virgo

Planet Uranus in Cancer - House of the Moon: Makes the emotions and feelings sensitive, easily touched and quickly moved. May cause trouble or estrangement in domestic affairs and the home life; if afflicted, loss through houses or land, trouble through the house or dwelling place and obstacles connected with the occupation, especially when just entering upon it in early life. This position inclines slightly to mediumship, dreaming or occult experiences, also to travelling.

Planet Uranus in Leo - House of the Sun: Trouble and obstacles in the family life, especially in youth; loss or difficulty through the father in some way. The native displays a disregard for conventionality, a great love of freedom and independence, with sometimes a rebellious disposition, thereby incurring the disfavour of superiors. Native is fickle and changeable in love matters, or on the other hand, suffers greatly from this in others. Well aspected, it is good for a public or professional career and may give much success through it, though there are likely to be hindrances or annoyances socially and also through children.

Planet Uranus in Virgo - House of Mercury: There are apt to be hindrances or restrictions connected with the occupation; insurmountable difficulties, thwarted ambition and much trouble through servants. If well supported by the general planetary indications, the intellectual ability is increased, and the native may succeed well in the partnership or associated with others; or in the employment of others, especially in chemistry, science or art. Native gains through public occupations or those connected with the state  (or perhaps some local authority): but if badly aspected he/she will on the other hand incur the hostility of such, and must beware of public enmity and criticism. The mind is subtle and penetrating, independent and original.

Dr. A. Shanker

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