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Planet Uranus and its positions!

Planet Uranus in Aries - Positive house of Mars:
Gives positiveness, force and impulse to the mind and is apt to make the manner of speech hasty and brusque at times; the native may give offence without intending it, being very outspoken and sometimes lacking in tact and restraint. This position increases mental vigour and supplies energy, resource and inventiveness. It gives great independence and love of freedom, and hence sometimes causes disputes and estrangements.

Planet Uranus in Taurus - Negative house of Venus: Is not altogether good for money matters unless very well respected. It is apt to cause ups and downs, sudden losses or an involved state of the affairs. But if well respected, the native, although confronted by obstacles, will extricate himself by his own ingenuity and resource. This position sometimes indicates money through partnership, marriage or associations.

Planet Uranus in Gemini - Positive house of Mercury: Increases mental power and activity; gives originality and ingenuity, some eccentricity of mind or fondness for occult or out-of-the-way subjects. If other planetary positions permit its full expression, it gives depth of thought, scientific, literary or metaphysical ability, with considerable inventive faculty and some intuition; in any case great fondness for travelling, and many friends among literary people. The native may espouse unpopular causes; or, if afflicted, will have trouble through education, letters, examinations, etc., and may disagree with his brethren.

Dr. A. Shanker

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