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Planet Neptune's position in Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces!

Planet Neptune in Capricorn - A Negative House of Saturn:
Unless well aspected, trouble through the family in early life and sorrow through the father is indicated. If well aspected, this position is good for financial affairs and money-making generally. Favourable for art, music, etc., and for occupations bordering upon the psychical, or for the business of a distributive character on a large scale, e.g., catering, etc.

Planet Neptune in Aquarius - A positive house of Saturn: Good for friendship, popularity, love and marriage. If afflicted, sorrow or scandal through these. Buoyancy and expansiveness of mind, Sympathy, sociability, humanity and frequently great intuition, are prominent characteristics.

Planet Neptune in  Pisces - A negative house of Jupiter: This inclines the native to be broad-minded, charitable, homely, sympathetic. If well aspected, he/she may benefit through the help of charity of others, or on the other hand may endow charitable institutions, etc. If afflicted, it is bad for health and fortune; the native meets with bad luck, his/her schemes are thwarted, and serious losses are experienced. 

Note: In these, as in all other cases, much depends upon the position of the planet in the horoscope. For an unfavourable position, by 'house', will negative much of the good promised by a favourable sign, and vice verse.

Dr. A. Shanker

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