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Planet Neptune's position in Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius!


Planet Neptune in Libra - A positive house of Venus: This position gives an intense and poetical love of beauty and artistic elegance with a fervent imagination, coupled with a taste for music or painting; great attraction is felt for the opposite sex; love, friendship and marriage, also general popularity, are favoured and good fortune, in general, is indicated unless afflicted. 

Planet Neptune in Scorpio - A negative house of Mars: This intensifies the feelings and emotions, giving in a high degree the love of sensation and luxury. Unless afflicted is good for money by marriage, partnership, or legacy. In a favourable horoscope, it may contribute to give practical occult experiences.

Planet Neptune in Sagittarius - A positive house of Jupiter: The native is considerable religious, mystical or poetical feeling. Dreams, visions or other psychical experiences form a prominent feature of life; and under favourable conditions, there may be the inspiration of a prophetic order, either in relation to religion, art or science.

Dr. A. Shanker

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