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Planet Neptune's position in Cancer, Leo and Virgo

Planet Neptune in Cancer (House of the Moon):
Bestows either mediumship or some psychical faculty. Conduces to close association with the mother and promises some benefits through her. The native is fond of home and home comforts are sympathetic and impressionable. There are many changes of residence and if afflicted some psychic experiences in connection therewith; e.g., haunted houses etc.

Planet Neptune in Leo (House of the Sun): Bestows warm affections; the senses and feelings are active and powerful; there is a love of company, society, sport and pleasure. The native possesses a good heart and benevolent disposition and in general displays lavish generosity. Music, poetry, painting and drama are keenly followed and intensely appreciated if planetary positions permit.

Planet Neptune in Virgo (Negative House of Mercury): The planet is not strong in this sign but if well aspected, promises remarkable success through such employments as clerical work, nursing, medicine etc. A very favourable horoscope conduces to genius in art or poetry.

Dr. A. Shanker

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