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The Planets and their positions: Planet Neptune's in position

Neptune in Aries - A positive house of Mars: 
Planet Neptune in Aries is likely to intensify the senses, feelings and emotions which may show out either for good or evil, largely depending upon the rising sign. The native has mystical experiences or beliefs. A love of travelling for its own sake, sympathy, charity and benevolence of disposition and also considerable intuition in regard to spiritual matters are prominent characteristics.

Neptune in Taurus - A negative house of Venus: This position, well respected and supported by favourable planetary aspects is very good for money and business; but the reverse if afflicted. It increases the aesthetic taste and also any tendencies to sensuousness, conferring, moreover, good nature, companionability, patience and good humour. It is favourable for friendship and marriage unless seriously afflicted in which case it threatens a tragedy.

Neptune in Gemini - A positive house of Mercury: This strengthens intuition and imagination and gives many often prophetic or symbolical dreams. It inclines towards travelling. It confers musical taste and great mental sensitiveness. Conduces to sympathy with brethren.

Dr. A. Shanker

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