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What is a Horoscope and How is it Cast? - Part 2

Suppose that at the moment of birth an observer stands facing due South, quite upright with arms extended and let an imaginary line be extended in both directions, first through his body and next through his arms so that each line cuts the heavenly sphere in two points. These will then constitute the cardinal points or 'angles' as they are called of the horoscope; known respectively as the zenith, Nadir, ascendant and Descendant, if the Signs of the zodiac were visible, the Rising Sign or Ascendant would be seen on the left just peeping above the horizon.

The sphere will then be divided into four quadrants and the easiest way of representing this on paper is to draw a circle with verticle and horizontal diameters in some such way as shown in the following illustrations. 

This is the framework or skeleton of the horoscope, the four arms or radii dividing the circle into four quadrants. Each quadrant is further divided into three "houses", each consisting of 30 degrees of the circle (something like the sections of an orange), making twelve in all. These are numbered in rotation, beginning with the Ascendant (left hand, east point when looking south), and continuing under the search (i.e., in a contrary direction to the hands of a watch) till the Descendant is reached and then through the visible heavens till the Ascendant is arrived at once more.

Dr. A. Shanker

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