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Rising Sign Cancer

Natives of Caner signs are remarkable related to ups and down, fortunes and their positions, while in most cases, moreover, a certain degree of notoriety and power is attained.  They have a quiet reserved nature, quick and short temper, impatient disposition, being sometimes very autocratic and severe. They are gifted with a fertile imagination, delighting in strange scenes and adventures, while the power of adaptation to the nature of others and the faculty of absorbing other people's idea is very great. This often leads to a species of morbid vanity or to the assumption of the role of hero or martyr, a condition inspired into them by reading or by example.

Natives of Cancer signs are remarkably gifted with the dramatic faculty and though sometimes original, they are frequently copyists or even plagiarists, being clever at compiling and otherwise 'dishing up' old material. 

The temper is changeful and capricious and although disillusion follows each new association, the imperative need of friendship and attachment impels towards new and other scenes and relationships continually. According to circumstances the native is either courageous or timid, generally timid as to physical dangers but brave in his mental and moral attitude. 

Premature death of a brother or sister is shown and troubles through relatives, with whom the native disagrees. Children give trouble and cause many discords in the life, but the eldest succeeds in the medical, chemical or military profession and achieves honors, in advanced years the children are often a source of protected environment.  

Dr. A. Shanker 

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