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Delineation of Rising Sign Leo!

Persons born under this sign rise to position and honor through their own merits. they are frequently associated with individuals in high life, titled ladies especially. Leo gives an elevated nature, a strong will, an open, frank and noble spirit and an ambitious, persevering will; the mind is just, firm, confident, generous, and often highly gifted. 

At times presumptuous and proud, but always self-possessed and masterful, the Leo man scorns small and puny actions, native loves the things of the daylight and all that is big and noble in life. He has a quick temper when provoked, but native's anger does not last long and though seldom foregoing his revenge, native takes it in a generous and open way. Native is constant in their affections and loves truly. Native is patient in their work and achieves his/her ends by solid endurance.

The capabilities are diverse, but frequently favour the fine arts and public offices and there is some love of display at times, the poetical instinct is strong and also love of drama. Whatever the leo man does he tries to do well, and is very thorough in his/her intentions, so that honor come to the native without seeking them. The passions are strong, but under control, the opinions are fixed and often dogmatic, where undertakings are carried to their end even at great personal risk.

there are often legal disputes in regard to inheritance or in regard to long voyages and life in a foreign country. Accidents while travelling are encountered but no serious hurt is done. Children are usually numerous, but the death of the eldest is very likely to happen in its childhood, there may be twins, especially if the native is a female or if the husband is born under the sign Aquarius and differences arise between the children when they grow up. 

Friends among literary and artistic people are numerous. There may arise quarrels through friends which yet lead to gain in the end. Secret enemies are chiefly found among women whose power to hurt is really slight.

Dr. A. Shanker

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