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Rising Sign Gemini

The native of this sign is endowed with a kind, willing, flexible and upright nature, humane in its tendencies, but easily worried and irritated though as quickly calmed; sometimes excessive in anger but readily repenting of it. He is capable of obtaining celebrity in literature, art or science, or even by travel. The Gemini person is inventive and original in ideas, fond of science, literature and the arts; native is clever in legal matters, in negotiations and in trade, well-informed, subtle, flexible and business-like; vigilant and communicative, especially when drawn out upon a favorite subject, but otherwise somewhat self-contained and frequently nervous if suddenly called upon to speak or act. Gemini gives a love of command, without pride or tyranny, and a firm and strong will, though this is often so nicely balanced, and the nature so adaptable, that it is considered weak and irresolute.

The fortunes are subject to many changes and are usually much affected for good or ill by the influence of women. The native generally experiences both privation and affluence during his life, and there are some family secrets or much strife, though the relatives are usually well connected and prosperous, while a brother of the native holds a government position or high office. There are many causes for family disputes, and the native does not agree altogether with the father; yet native himself/herself is the cause of their own downfall, or ill-luck. 

The members of his family are well-favored, of moderate number, and disposed to excellence in the fine arts. There are secrets connected with love affairs and attachments, and losses and troubles occur through the progeny or in consequence of the native's love intrigues. The complaints incident to Gemini are strangury, piles, fistula, affections of the bladder and excretory system; fevers and poisoning of the system. Nervous affections and lung complaints are also to be feared in some cases, especially in the dark types of Gemini men and women. Servants give trouble and open enemies are found among foreigners or in foreign lands.

Dr. A. Shanker 

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